First The Democrats Create the Problem Then Offer Up Draconian Measures to Fix It?

I find it so fascinating that when you meet an average Democrat, they will often blame the Republicans for everything. They will say that it is Republican businessmen who have destroyed our economy. However, when you look really closely you can see that all the ills we experience economically come from the leftist side of the political equation.Of course, if you are busy getting free stuff from the government, you certainly don’t want to be told that reality, you’d rather live inside your little mental box, and blame everything on everyone else, and demand to get more free stuff even if it means that down the road the whole thing will implode. That my friend is what is called short term thinking, something that the Democrats are so good at, and the socialists are experts in.There was an interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal on March 4, 2013 titled; “The Reverse-Joads of California,” by Allysia Finley which obviously was referring to the Grapes of Wrath and the inflow of folks to California during the dust bowl, well, now they are all leaving CA – why you ask? It’s simple, retirees cannot afford to stay there and without jobs living on the government dole just keeps you poor, to boot the taxes are too high to pay for all those social programs people voted for. It’s your typical Jarred Diamond “Collapse” scenario, this one economic. The article stated;”Low and Middle-Income residents are fleeing the state. Sacramento’s liberal policies may bear much of the blame.”Now then, I take exception to that statement, as in “MAY” and ask what does that mean, does it mean people actually refute that obvious reality? After all, the higher taxes are definitely because of social programs, liberal policies, and socialist lobbying by labor unions. All that is the left-side of the political spectrum, not the right, and the business owners have left due to over-regulation (again left) and taken the jobs and that tax base with them. Let’s talk about a few more challenges we have;1. Over-Population
2. Spending Cuts
3. Tuition Debacle
4. Housing Crisis
5. Runaway Entitlements
6. Alternative Energy
7. So Many MoreAll of these things are due to the Democrats. They promoted overpopulation giving money to unwed mothers and poor people enticing them to have more babies. I’m not sure why, either for cannon fodder or to be economically enslaved as the work force later on, or even more cynical future voters, ouch. Then we realize there are spending problems, and the Democrats complain about the spending cuts, but there wouldn’t need to be spending cuts if they had spent so much money in the first place.If they had been propping up academia we wouldn’t be in this tuition debacle, and if they had not promoted the concept of homes for everyone, even those that couldn’t pay the loans, there wouldn’t have been a runaway housing bubble. And let’s not even get into this alternative energy which ended up costing the taxpayers 100s billions of dollars, at a time when our nation didn’t even have an energy policy. I mentioned to a friend of mine who wants to run for president on the Democratic ticket, but he wouldn’t listen. Neither will the 47% of Americans or so busy getting free stuff, calling for class warfare, and not paying their fair share – none of these Democrats are willing to look in their own mirrors. Please consider all this and think on it.